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What to expect

At our Rebecca Kennedy Nutrition, we prioritise your ongoing progress and well-being. Follow-up consultations, typically scheduled 4 weeks apart, play a pivotal role in monitoring your journey and making any necessary adjustments.

Understanding that the length of treatment and visit frequency vary based on your unique health circumstances, we tailor our approach to suit your needs. Chronic conditions, often evolving over decades, may require more appointments, while acute concerns might be effectively addressed in just one consultation.

To continue benefiting from this personalised and comprehensive support, I invite you to book a follow-up consultation call. This is an opportunity to discuss your progress, address any concerns, and fine-tune your plan for continued success. Your health is our priority, and we look forward to guiding you on this journey towards lasting well-being.

Book your follow-up consultation call today, and let's continue working together to achieve your health goals.

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Our Process

Embark on the next phase of your health journey with a personalised follow-up consultation! In this 30-minute session, we'll delve deeper into your current health concerns, exploring the symptoms that impact your life.

This follow-up consultation isn't just about gathering information—it's a crucial step in tailoring a nutrition and lifestyle program specifically for you. Using evidence-based nutritional science, I'll build upon the insights gained from our initial consultation, ensuring that your plan is finely tuned to address your individual needs.


Updated Diet Plan

A personalised diet and lifestyle plan is created to correct any deficiencies

New Recipes

We will also supply you with ideal recipes and information-based handouts

Additional Email Support

After embarking on your plan we stay in touch with a full month of email support

Advice on Testing

During these 4 weeks we can help with Functional Tests & interpretation of results

How we help.

Areas in which I can help support an individual;

Digestion and Gut Health

Irritability Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritability Bowel Disease (IBD), bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, reactions to food, reflux / heartburn, SIBO, microbiome support.

Poor Sleep

Insomnia, frequent waking during the night, early awakening. 


Low energy levels, afternoon slump, waking tired and unrefreshed.

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call

Free 15 min Exploratory Call


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Our Reviews

At Rebecca Kennedy Nutrition, we believe in transparency and the power of genuine customer feedback. Dive into our testimonial section, and discover why our advice, diet plans and supplements have become the trusted choice for those who seek excellence in health.

"I'm pleased to have made positive, sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes thanks to having consulted Rebecca. She provided me with achievable, goal driven objectives, augmented with some of her healthy tasty recipes. I have no doubt that others will have an equally pleasant and productive experience."
Jane KVerified Google Review
"I consulted Rebecca for digestive issues, fatigue, and low energy. She was excellent. Her tailored advice on diet, meal plans and recommendations for supplements significantly improved my health. I experienced noticeable positive changes and would highly recommend her expertise."
Alice WVerified Google Review
"I’m so happy I saw Rebecca with my health problems. Her guidance on dietary changes, personalised meal plans, and energy boosting supplements led to significant improvements in my health. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone seeking positive transformations in their well-being."
Florence MVerified Google Review
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